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Interior Door & Partition

            Supplied by Mark & Daniel, thousands of different interior doors & door frames, low & toilet partitions have been widely used in many chain stores and commercial spaces. In addition to the good quality and durability of our products which must meet the high strength applications for commercial space; the high efficiency M&D team is especially expertise in designing useful options for customers, coordinating customer order details, proper arranging on-time delivery for products, as well as providing satisfactory after-sale service to customers.

            M&D supplies the HPL surfacing type of doors for chain stores and commercial space, widely applicable for male & female toilet, manager room, office room, exhibition hall, kitchen room, storage & garbage treatment room, and so forth. Under customers demand, these HPL doors may matching with three different kind of door frames: the HPL surround, the stainless steel surround, and iron painting surround.

            Other than the door systems, M&D has also completed many commercial space cases such as on the low partition, partition with grille, toilet partition for customer reference, which are mainly constructed by the combinations of solid surfacing, HPL, and various hardware.




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