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M&D® Color Patterns

for  Solid Surfacing


Herein under are M&D® regular color patterns for selection:


MD-1001  Solid Orange




MD-1002  Solid White




MD-1003  Solid Yellow


MD-1004  Maya Grey 


MD-1005  Solid Black




MD-1006  Solid Red




MD-1009  Beach White




MD-1010  Crystal Gray




MD-1011  Phantom White




MD-1012  Golden Age Melange




MD-1013  Canyon Mirage





MD-1014  Dark Mirage





MD-1016  Black Onyx



MD-1017  Natural White




MD-1018  Pearl White




MD-1019 Fashion Heron




MD-1020  Dark Brick




MD-1021  Dark Syrup




MD-1120  Dark Mirage





MD-1176  Coffee Melange




MD-1182  Venetian Melange




MD-1423  Starry Black



MD-1811  Mica White




MD-2003  Galaxy Black




MD-2004  Jazz Coffee




MD-2006  Binary





MD-2007  Daisy Melange




MD-2008  Folk Oxide




MD-2009  Monarch Melange




MD-2011  Grain White



MD-2013  Olive Stone



MD-2014  Rice Ivory



MD-2016  Variety Gray





MD-2120  Dove Gray



MD-2121  Sparkling White



MD-2122  Sparkling Coffee



MD-2123  Lava Gray



MD-2124  Postal Green



MD-2125  White Nebula



MD-2181  Lava Crystal



MD-2202 Coffee Murano

MD-2201 Majestic Granite




- Since each computer screen may have the different color and brightness so the photos of the color/pattern is only good for your primary selection; the actual color/pattern shall refer to the real sample blocks.

- The photo blocks you have seen on computer screen, was taken by a size about 5cm x5cm.







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