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HPL Surfacing Applications

            HPL (High Pressure Laminate) surfacing has been widely utilized onto various commercial spaces due to its unique advantages over the other surfacings including diverse color selections, durable wear resistance with bending property, quality appearance, good craftsmanship for building products, and so on; common cases for HPLs may be applied on: wall.facade, cabinets, counters, compartment partitions, props, interior door panels, toilet partitions, etc. 


            M&D’s professional team has been long focusing on R&D and supply to custom-made products onto the commercial space development; in addition to supply the solid surfacing material/products, there are also many custom made HPLs supplied by M&D to satisfy customer needs. 

           Our R&D team is also experting to extensively combining various decorating craftsmanship/materials to complete the various products such as: matching solid surfacing with HPL laminate, various wooden substrate, metals, organic glass, hardware, painting surface, and so forth; M&D has been successfully helping customers for many of their custom-made demands!


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