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Mark &Daniel®  

Solid Surfacing Slates


Solid Surface Categories:

- The Compound Marble  Series:

The products made by M&D Compound Marble slates are having the elegant quality appearance, beautiful polishing reflection, solid structure & endurance, with the reasonable cost; M&D slates has also the outstanding manufacturability for the true seamless production. With the best overall C/P value, the Compound Marble is therefore the most widely used for making of solid surfacing products today.

Compound Marble slates are widely used for planar workpieces. Due to Compound Marble’s physical characteristics however, it is not suitable for making the small-curved bending crafts; in addition, the dark color solid surfaces are more visually susceptible to minor scratches onto the surfaces over the light colors; the solid surface with dark color is therefore, not recommended for making the counter tops or regularly touched facades.

Before shipping, each M&D slate’s surfacing has been treated by over #1000 sanding process and covered by a protection film to prevent accidental scratchings; these are very helpful to simplify the fabrication process, reduce man-hours with less environmental pollution, as well as providing high quality finish during the product production.

- The Acrylic  Series :

The pure Acrylic series slates are having the best overall physic characteristics over the other solid surfaces, are therefore normally used for some luxury spaces and making high-end products ; due to the high cost however, the Acrylic solid surfacing is not as commonly used as the Compound Marble type in the market.

In addition, the M&D’s Acrylic slates are having good thermal-bending capability; they are especially useful while making the bending and/or special shaped solid surfacing products.


☆ Colors & Patterns:

- The color/pattern herein under are M&D’s regular slates for the engineering Compound Marble series:


- If the Acrylic series slates are required, please post -A to the Compound Marble number. For instance: MD-1002-A is same as the Solid White color/pattern but with the Acrylic series slates.


Slate Sizes:

- Slate Length:

The standard 8ft size of each M&D solid surface slate is sized: L2440 xW760 xD12.5mm (+0.2, -0.5mm).

Under special order,  M&D may also be able to supply the Long 10ft slates that is sized: L3050 x W760 xD12.5mm; however, a minimum quantity order is required then.

- Slate Thickness:

The standard thicness of each M&D solid surface slate is 12.5mm.

Under special order, M&D may also be able to supply the different thickness slates such as: 3.5mm, 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 20mm, 40mm, and so forth; however, a minimum quantity order is required then. 


☆ Applcation Notes:

- For slates of the same color/pattern number but with different production batches, minor color differences may be occurred due to the different weather, temperature, humidity conditions of the production time, and it may also be caused by the different storage time & conditions; therefore, properly calculating for some spare availability is recommended while ordering.

- To the case of making one large product with more than two batches of the solid surface slates, by properly arranging the different batch slates onto its different facings, this may help to eliminate the color difference problem. 





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